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The Streets – Original Pirate Material

Otro señor grupazo, que ya toca, o más bien el rapero Mike Skinner, de Birmingham, Reino Unido. Lo mejor es que hoy mismo he visto que The Streets también asistirá al FIB. Ya sí que no quepo en mí de gozo, menudo car-te-la-zo.

El disco entero, Original Pirate Material (2002), es absolutamente impresionante pero, como siempre, solo os pondré un par de muestras para no cansar. Su género, hip hop.

Turn the Page, mitiquísima. La letra parece eterna pero se pasa enseguida, sobre todo concentrándose en ella.

That’s it
Turn the page on the day, walk away
‘cos there’s sense in what I say
I’m 45th generation Roman
But I don’t know ‘em
Or care when I’m spitting
So return to your sitting position and listen it’s fitting
I’m miles ahead and they chase me
Show yer face on TV, then we’ll see
You can’t do half, my crew laughs
At yer rhubarb and custard verses
You rain down curses but I’m waving,
Yer hearse is driving by
Streets riding high, with the beats in the sky
All stare, eyes glazed
Garage burnt down, the fire raged
For 40 days and in 40 ways
But through the blaze they see it fade
The sea of black, the beaming heat on their faces
Then a figure emerges from the wastage
Eyes transfixed with a piercing gaze
One hand clutching a sword raised to the sky
They wonder how, they wonder why
The sky turns white, it all becomes clear
They felt lifted from their fears
They shed tears in the light
After 6 dark years
Young bold soldiers, the fire burns
Cracks and smoulders
5 years older and wiser
The fires are burning on fire, never tire
Slay warriors in the forests and on higher
We sing, hear the strings rising
The war’s over, the bells ring
Memories fading, soldiers slaying
Looks like geezers raving
The hazy fog over the Bull Ring
The lazy ways the birds sing
A new baby’s born every day
Few men may be scorned today
But look at things the other way
Cos it may well be yer final day
And then the crowds roar, they slay, they all say
I produce this using only my bare wit
Gimme a jungle, a garage beat and admit defeat,
Use war and past injury as my metaphor and simile
Get all applications into me before the deadline
Cos it’s a fine line between strifeful crimes
And a life of crime
But you will reach the day, and it’s all mine
You can take it or leave it,
I shake and reveal stage tricks like Jimi Hendrix
In the afterlife gladiators meet their maker
Float through the wheat fields and lakes of blue water
To the next life from the fortress
Away from the knives and slaughter
To their wives and daughters
Once more before the Lord judges over all of us
Cos in this place you’ll see me
Brace yourself, cos this goes deep
I’ll show you the secrets, the sky and the birds
Actions speak louder than words
Stand by me my apprentice
Be brave, clench fists.

Y ahora, el dilema de siempre… ¿qué otra canción os pongo? Bueno, me decantaré por Sharp Darts, típica que pone al cantante/grupo como la crème de la crème, deben de quedarse a gustísimo con las alabanzas a sí mismos xD, pero está guapa, y es cortita (1:34).


Sharp Darts Spitting Masters
Spitting darts faster
Shut up I’m the driver, you’re the passenger
I’ll reign superior
The pressure blows the dial on your barometer
Do you understand?
Or do you need an interpreter?

Now my style is distinguished
All fires are extinguished
Ask yer girl to sing and she’ll sing this
I’m a scientist
Have no prejudice, that’s my hypothesis
Make your analysis, ever heard a beat like this?
I walk the beat like a policemen
No karma pedestrian
In 500 years they’ll play this song in museums
I’m the bold adventurer
UK’s ambassador
Holding up Excalibur
Your beats are inferior
Don’t wanna embarrass yer
So call yer solicitor
The jury voted unanimously against ya!


This one’s fat like yer mother
Contains enough calories
Resonating all your favourite frequencies
I’ve got a worldwide warranty
Satisfaction guarantee
If you ain’t happy then just
Send it right back to me
‘Spec to BC
It’s time to fuck loyalty
One day I hope to earn some hard royalties
From a bit of sample robbery
Rook burglary, noise thievery
Or wholesale piracy
So watch yer back, I’m inclined to sample
I’ll dismantle and make you all examples

Chorus (x2)

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